Training Plans

Stay Fit, Keep Motivated & BRING OUT YOUR BEST!

If you’re taking part in the Windsor Trail Run we strongly recommend using a training plan. Having a training plan building up to an event is key to improving your performance and preventing injury on race day.

To help you train for the event, we have created downloadable training plans from beginner to intermediate, so there will be something for you whatever your level.

Important Notes

  • Ensure you have a 10-15 minute warm up jog before each session.
  • Don’t forget to also have a 10-15 minute cool down jog after your session.
  • Always substitute cross training for running if you are injured, very sore or if it is not safe to run.
  • Always stretch after your sessions.
  • Always eat within 20-30 minutes after finishing a run.
  • Always train at your target pace, don’t run too hard. Tiredness always catches up.
  • Most importantly – have fun and train where it is safe.

10km Training Plans

The Beginner 10km Training Plan has been designed for new runners looking to prepare them for a 10km race. Or for experienced runners, looking for an easy schedule involving a relatively low level of weekly miles.

The Intermediate 10km Training Plan is for runners who have experience in races and want to improve their performances.

Half Marathon Training Plans

The Beginner Half Marathon Training Plan is designed for novice runners who want to prepare for their first Half Marathon. If you have run several Half or Full Marathons before, you might want to take a look at the Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan, which is designed for more experienced runners.